My clients

October 2016
This coaching convinces with a structured method and constant evaluation on both sides. In the hectic everyday life, the conversations help to look back on the essentials and to recognize the dynamics that one would not otherwise have recognized in a situation. Borris’s has always been very well prepared, very concentrated and personally balanced and prudent. I’ve taken quite a view things and got new impulses.

Media Director, CARE International


June 2013
The System of Integral Coaching Canada as a holistic approach with its metaphors plus the continuous feedback allows oneself to have a really intense exchange with the coach and a likewise training.
Mr. Unmüssig follows through the appointed goals. He offers greatly adapted assignments, which reflect his excellent knowledge, both in the subject as in his understanding of the human nature.

CEO Metalworking industry

September 2012
Mr. Unmüssig was able within a view month to kick of and thoroughly accompany a huge developmental step I made. This is mainly due to his openness and empathy.
Based on our mutual objective agreement, which was incessantly reflected, the system of Integral Coaching Canada was able to have a deep impact on me.
His clear and empathetic way and his ability to listen deeply, enabled him to create stretching developmental assignments. My development in the end allowed me to lead my employees with more delight and clarity.

CEO Solar-Thermal industry

August 2012

Dear Borris,
Frankly, it is a pleasure for me to speak about your coaching. I am much more able to listen and take in others and I am now able to acknowledge what is really currently up for me internally.
The coaching has enabled me to be much more easy-going with myself and gained a better insight into my dynamics.

Fauland-Weckmann, CEO German „Bio-BrotBox“

I gained a much clearer picture of my self and my behavioural patterns. Therein included are the appreciation and a loving reckoning of my positive qualities, as well as the areas I would like to change.
In the method Mr. Unmüssig works, the point is to expand the own horizon and capacities and not to put aside the old. I found this huge and very human.
Very important for me was that triggered development came step by step, in logical and straightforward developmental sections.
Mr. Unmüssig was continuously very capable of zooming into the exact status of my developmental process and to help me find a way to proceed.
His natural and perceptive way of letting me in has invited me to open up profoundly. I often had the feeling that we both were full heartedly wrestling to find the core of my issues. Very often it took place while we were talking that we found out what it is about for me. These were very touching and close moments we shared.
Yet, also in his preparations I always had the feeling that he was deeply connected with my processes and able to distil the bottom line of what was up for me currently and were I would be able to grow into.

Verena, Dancer

To work with Mr. Unmüssig brought me forward personally and helped mature further. Mr. Unmüssig was enabled me to see me more clear and helped me to gain new capacities to act out in the world. My standing in the world has changed. I now take on new formerly challenging tasks.
With his great intuition and is excellent questions Mr. Unmüssig, was capable of digging and waking up my furtive potentials. I am very thankful for this. This ,especially, is my personal gratitude, which goes way beyond marketing.

Walter, male-nurse